I purchased item online thru Kohls. There were no rebate forms online and therefore I had no rebate code (the register printed this info if you bought in the store).

I submitted my information using the only rebate form available (out of date) from Kohls.com. I was declined for being out of the dates of the rebate. I found the correct rebate code (they couldn't give it to me) and resubmitted to their Resubmissions Dept. I was again declined for being outside the dates of the rebate...

DESPITE the fact that my resubmittal corrected the code to Nov 25-26 (purchased on 26th). Called Customer Service and was told that they would have to escalate it to a mgr becuz it looks like I am out of the purchase dates! It seems like they aren't considering the resubmitted data even though the response comes from the resubmission department. I again submitted thru the Resubmissions Dept that CLEARLY and PLAINLY denoted the correct rebate code, the dates of validity, my purchase dates (which falls there within), and another copy of my UPC.

I was told a response would take about 7 days. After 8 days I am still showing "purchased out of dates".

It's like a bad Seinfeld episode.

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